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The Digital Street

Jeffrey Lane (2019) · Read null


  • Jeffrey Lane, assistant prof of communicaton, Rutgers school of comm & info
  • "communication and technology as it relates to urban life, criminal justice, and social inequalities"
  • In person and online ethnography
  • "current streams of research include social media as evidence in criminal court, the role of gender in school discipline, and a visual study of perceptions of Harlem"
  • Sociology Wesleyan (B.A.), Princeton (M.A., Ph.D.)
  • 'His interest grew in college when he became fascinated by urban ethnography, the “tradition of participant observation of city life.”'
  • "Lane's previous book, Under the Boards (University of Nebraska Press) focuses on the production of race, masculinity, and popular culture in the basketball industry"

    • This book seems to be his dissertation though
    • First book published in 2007, M.A. received in 2009

Intro - Ch. 3