welcome :) you might be wondering what this is... honestly, I'm not completely sure yet! for now, I'm using this space to record how I've conceptualized the content of my college courses so that

  1. I understand my classes better during the semester
  2. I can better remember the big picture of a class and apply it to new content/experiences after the semester

also, I think having this in a website format is cool and has more longevity than my perpetually disorganized paper notes

  • 18.01: Single-Variable Calculus GIR(124 words)
  • 18.02: Multivariable Calculus GIR
  • 10.407: Money for Startups GRADQUARTER(988 words)
  • 11.154: Big Data, Visualization, and Society 11-6 MAJORGRAD(5 words)
  • 6.0001: Introduction to Computer Science Programming in Python QUARTER11-6 MAJOR(7 words)
  • 6.0002: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science QUARTER11-6 MAJOR(7 words)
  • CMS.100: Introduction to Media Studies HASSCI-HCMS MINOR(143 words)
  • 8.02: Electricity and Magnetism GIR(2880 words)
  • 11.401: Introduction to Housing, Community and Economic Development GRADHASS11-6 MAJOR
  • 7.012: Introductory Biology GIR(5 words)
  • 8.01: Classical Mechanics GIR(4 words)
  • CMS.618: Interactive Narrative HASSCMS MINOR
  • Key

    quarterQuarter-long class, as opposed to a semester-long class

    gradEither a graduate-designated class, or a mixed undergrad/grad class with mostly grad students

    gir(General Institute Requirement) GIRs actually include a ton of graudation requirements, but people usually refer to the Science Core: physics 1 and 2, calculus through multivariable, intro biology, and intro chemistry

    hass(Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) Students are required to take at least 8 HASS classes, at least 9 units (12 units is a regular class) each in the humanities / arts / social sciences, and 3-4 classes in the same field (forming a concentration)

    ci-h(Communication Intensive HASS) Students must take at least two

    11-6 majorUrban Planning with Computer Science joint major (not double major)

    cms minor(Comparative Media Studies)