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Youth and Social Media II

· Read 04/29/21

  • "interesting to think the turn to non-permanent media (Clubhouse, stories, etc) not linked to just police surveillance but cultural/popular surveillance (“cancelling”, “snitching”, etc)"
  • "cancelling “works” against the dispossessed / subaltern but not against power white (male especially) public figures who claim grievances and mental harm"
  • "Good essay and it’s pretty readable for postmodernism standards + the argument is just the first three pages all the rest is case studies https://selforganizedseminar.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/foucault-panopticism.pdf"
  • Conclusion in line with current demands against policing
  • Street life is a media career based on a desire to be seen and heard
  • Does he see his call to "empower girls" as situated within feminism?
  • Appreciated normative points (more humanities-like) being separate from empirical analysis
  • Lane was trying to be sociological, where you can take gender binary as a given (census) but feels strange to those in humanities