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Week 2

· Read 2/22/21

Day 2: Wed, 2/24/21

  • Say 我不知道要不要/是不是 (not 如果)
  • 本命年 when the year is the same animal as your birth year
  • 星座 Zodiac
  • 出风头 show off
  • 浣熊 (huan4 xiong2) raccoon

Facts from breakout room partner

  1. 佛教(fo2 jiao4, Buddhism):七宝(seven treasures)
  2. 爱情,zhi shi (姿势?)
  3. 好玩的故事:菩萨(pu2 sa4, Buddha)妈怀孕 (huai2 yun4) 的时候,看见了白像

Grammar: 被

  • Harry Potter (被)翻译成中文了
  • 这本书被我妈写的 is more like mom defaming, writing all over a book
  • 我的书给拿走了 can drop the doer

Day 3: Fri, 2/26/21

  • 扭 (sounds like 牛) 转乾坤: twist and turn; the world; this year we’ll make big changes
  • 牛气冲天: the sky is filled with 牛气(好牛 = 很棒, new slang)
  • 好二 = 很招高 bad
  • 汤圆 sounds like 团圆, circular
  • 饺子 sounds like 交子, looks like 古代的钱
  • 末 (not 未 future),初
  • 聚会/聚头 reunite (friends)
  • 亲族 (celebrate) inherently means happy, 热闹
  • 长辈 generation above me
  • 买礼物的买礼物 many people action 的 action, all doing different things
  • place + verb + 满 (e.g. 站满)
  • Next week we’ll talk about 着 durative aspect, existence, manner