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Race, Ethnicity, and Digital Culture I

· Read 05/06/21

  • Race as data flow, as information (not transcational though)
  • Page 5 insert: "practices of joy and catharsis about being Black"
  • Push back on a narrow definition of "being Black" — it's the everyday, not just BLM, pivotal experiences
  • Is he making a framework (general, can be applied to e.g. "Indigenous")?
  • There are theorists who want to get affect into more conversations, who believe that by overlooking this, our social theories are missing something
  • Critiques against instrumental rationalist have lived in social theory, feminism, etc for a long time
  • Brock is marshalling theory in a particular way to intervene in the conversation

Pathos (key idea we didn't get to last time)

  • We might dismiss Aristotelian pathos and other things, but they might have undervalued or stigmatized complexity
  • Deleuze interiority is actually relevant to the embodiment stuff I'm searching for
  • Do we see our internal selves as always entangled with others?
  • This theoretical model presumes that there is (at least something like) a self

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