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Youth and Social Media I, ch. 1-3

· Read 04/15/21


  • Ethics is always happening
  • Informed consent: someone can sign a form but not understand it
  • Pseudonyms; deductive de-identification
  • The way he describes his messages to new FB friends, how he screenshots and shows their posts, etc. seems awkward, even socially abrupt
  • Earning right to be somewhere
  • Why interview at Columbia?
  • Accesssss
  • Access from invisibility, backstage
  • "You should be thinking about how you think about it"
  • "gained prestige, a book in his tenure binder, speaking invites, being seen as an expert, getting the opp to train more graduate students to do digital ethnographies ………"
  • "Take my methods class if you want to talk more :)"

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