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Moderation II

· Read 04/06/21

Final paper

  • Frame: socio, anthro, media studies; not (just) philo, psych

    • Don't just be in your own head; think about evidence and argumentation
    • Learn sociological type of thinking
  • Not primary research: interviews, participant-observation

    • If we want to do primary research, talk to TL within the next week to figure out ethical and practical issues
  • Rely on secondary data and other people's research, peer-reviewed scholarly material
  • Proofreading: read out loud to self
  • Topic -> question: Free-form write all questions interested in; are there patterns and buckets?
  • Is this question answerable in the abstract and practically?


  • Case study with ethnographic approach "interesting move... common in media studies"
  • Generalizability is not what we should be chasing; generalizability thru a collection of work
  • What kind of thinker you are, what kinds of questions you're interested in
  • Philippines chapter

    • Style: travel essay, zoomed out to infrastructure studies
    • Different purpose: show impact of this industry on local economy and infra
    • Why is it that this American colony gets explained to us with this treatment?
  • What if we had no platforms? What if we reduced the public sphere? What if we introduced more friction into posting content?
  • Section 230 and NYT discussion I zoned out of
  • "We tend to not do as good a job of community/participatory governance... platform governance yes, government governance"