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CMS.100: Introduction to Media Studies

Spring 2020 · "C-M-S one hundred" · Instructor: J. Picker (& writing advisor M. Trice)

What is a media analysis?

  • The one about the Irishmen was more focused on a genre, whereas the Norman Lear live action article was focused on the details of that particular episode
  • Is the second one a media analysis? Did it try to answer some of the questions mentioned in the essay assignment?
  • Discussion about whether Lear's work functions as a play as opposed to television. Some concerns: technical control of audience
  • To analyze a text, you have to have something to compare it to (e.g. other examples of that genre
  • Think about media consumption, but also how media is produced, this also heavily impacts the resulting media

Essay 2 peer feedback

  • Good job explaining how the articles work w/o sending us to those articles
  • Maybe trim down intro
  • Examples where scrolling doesn't work
  • SBnation.com article
  • Better explain user experience
  • Make thesis clearer