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The Value of Visualization

· Read 2/17/2021

  • ohyay
  • Course has existed for 3 years, doubled in size each year so far (hopefully tapers off)
  • How to make "Wikipedia History Flow" with, for example, git history?
  • We can see edit war in page for chocolate
  • Sedlmair, Meyer, and Munzner 2012: information location vs task clarity
  • Muybridge horse hooves: style of visualization is called small multiples
  • I am extremely cozy right now, wrapped in a blanket in bed, my external keyboard with me so I can take notes here while my laptop is on the desk LOL
  • What if I watched lecture through my nearsighted eye and only looked at the general blob shapes of the example graphs?
  • I realize I know a lot of standard data vis lore (e.g. Muybridge horse, cholera, Florence Nightingale, data journalism mainstays) but I can't really present their stories to people who are unfamiliar