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Week 1

· Read 2/17/21

Day 1: Wed 2/17/21

  • 年年有余 → 吃鱼,剩一点
  • 分享屏幕 (fen1 xiang3 ping2 mu4): share screen
  • 聊天室 (liao2 tian1 shi4): chatroom
  • 达到 (da2 dao4): reach, achieve (goal)
  • 维吉尼亚 (wei2 ji2 ni2 ya3): Virginia

Day 2: Fri 2/19/21

  • 流鼻血: bloody nose
  • 视频 (shi4 pin2): video
  • Aside from copying many times, making associations and mnemonics are also helpful for memorizing vocabulary
  • 标点符号 (biao1 dian2 fu2 hao4)

    • 逗号 (dou4 hao4): ,
    • 句号 (ju4 hao4): 。
    • 惊叹号 (jing1 tan4 hao4): !
  • 空格 (kong4 ge2): blank, space (i.e. fill in the blank)
  • Topic-prominent, not subject-prominent (remember topic-comment sentences). So some sentences that are considered run-ons or fragments in English are actually fine in Chinese.
  • For introductions:

    • Wrong: 我是二年级的学生在麻省理工学院。
    • Right: 我是麻省理工学院二年级的学生。
  • 包 (bao1),饱 (bao3),泡 (pao4),跑 (pao3),抱 (bao4),炮 (pao4)
  • 不但不。。。反而 on the contrary
  • 一般来说 (yi ban1 lai2 shuo1): generally speaking